How developer experience reflects the user experience?

Furkan Demir
2 min readMay 25, 2024


Edward from Cowboy Bebop

Happy developers are more productive and motivated, which often results in better-designed and more user-friendly applications.

Slow Feature iteration

The flexibility and ease of the development environment directly affects the time it takes to deliver new features to the user. The slowdown also leads to building an unsustainable system, burnout and bugs. Here, in my opinion, we need to find a balance and know the velocity of the team/person well.

Lack of Standards

I can’t imagine a project without standards, it’s really bad for both the developer and the user. For example, imagine you are working in a project and you are constantly breaking things when you are implementing a new feature or an edit. This topic also includes software engineering practices that need to be applied. In short, if there are no standards, the user may encounter unexpected bugs as soon as they see and interact with it. This makes for a bad experience. It kills consistency.

Poor Management

It would be pointless to expect an unhappy and complaining employee to do a good and productive job. Therefore, we must constantly keep the company culture dynamic and if there are outdated cultural elements, we must eliminate them or introduce new ones. This is an issue with multiple factors. Due to the lack of management here, it is expected that the experience that the resulting work conveys to the user is incomplete or incorrect.


One of the things that should come to mind when we think of UX is that it should be usable and appeal to everyone and follow the rules. Tight deadlines cause developers to develop applications that are not accessible and do not give logical feedback to the user.

Just as we survey customers and take actions based on their feedback, we should do the same with teammates



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