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Maxime Agnelli

When we develop a product, as developers, of course we try to make a project as sustainable and clean as we want it to be. Happy for the developers who work in this way. Everything I have written below applies to soloprenuers.


You started developing the product with your favorite popular technologies. You’ve spent hours doing a few dynamic operations on a single page. Patterns, architectures, modern technologies etc. …. All you really need to do is come up with a solution in the simplest way possible.

Make the MVP version of the product first. It’s harder to make something simple.


Will your product actually be used by others? Test your work by sending it to your closest friends. Collect feedback from them because this is very important for you. You can send messages to people related to the topic of your project and ask them to try it out. No user cares about the quality and readability of the code. Welcome to Kansas.


If your work is useful, people will like it. They may even pay you for it.

People without dirty hands are wrong. Doing something makes you right.

Time and Things to Do

You can keep a single file of what you are going to do about the project. Since you are working alone, task management applications will not be very useful. If a product takes more than 1 week to develop, it may be something you can’t do alone. Try to collaborate with others.

Know when to stop

Programming is like painting: you start with a blank canvas, create with a mix of science and art, constantly revise your work, and start again when necessary. But too much detail can spoil the work.

Accept that everything is a draft. It helps to get it done.

What I have written above are the conclusions I have drawn from my own experience. It can change at any time. And it should be.

Done is the engine of more.

Influenced by Cult of Done Manifesto.



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